Moving Out

Well friends, rather than start an entire new blog, I figured I’d just continue posting on this one, even if what I’m doing doesn’t really relate to hiking. However, hiking, and distance hiking especially, does represent a different way of thinking. A different view of life, one where the alternative is the norm, where living frugally and simply is always given preference over extravagance and ostentatious goings on.

Since getting off of the Appalachian Trail I had been living in one of my best friend’s living rooms, on his futon, in Asheville, North Carolina. Rent was modestly cheap at $250 a month, but that’s quite a large chunk of your paycheck when you only make $8 an hour, even at 40 hours a week. So, I started looking at RV’s, and have found quite a few deals in the area, and may be purchasing one in the very near future. But, until then, I’ve moved back into my 1997 Ford Explorer. When the back seats are folded down, my queen size memory foam mattress topper fits perfectly, and makes quite a cozy little sleeping space. That, combined with my Kelty Cosmic Down 20 Degree sleeping bag have been providing me with more than satisfactory sleep. As for inviting women back to the pad, well, that has yet to be tested in the field.

I’ve got my guitar back there, all my clothes, and am basically living out of my backpack. The great thing is, I can actually afford to eat healthy food again. Bananas, nuts, salads – no more Ramen. It’s pretty great.

And now I’m sitting at The Bar of Soap in Asheville, where you can do laundry and drink beer at the same time. It’s pretty great too.

I shower at the Y where I work. I brush my teeth there too. I am finally able to read at night again, too, like I did on the trail. I usually just sleep in the parking lot of the Y because I can wake up 15 minutes before my 8 am shift and mosey on over, groggy eyed and drowsy. That’s also pretty great.

I’m still training for the Asheville Marathon. I still have a job. I still shave and bathe and poop in a toilet. I just sleep in a car, and don’t pay rent. So, in essence, I’m camping every night. Backpacking even. And that’s why I’ll continue to post about my life and this lifestyle on Hike ‘Til You’re High. Because I did, after all, hike here. And at 2200 feet, I’m pretty high.


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